Perfect Portfolio Management

Meet Sharesight Pro. Simply the best portfolio admin & tax reporting tool.

End shoebox syndrome

Dividends, share splits, tax reporting & currency. All automated and online.

Deepen client relationships

By ending the paper trail there’s more time for client tax planning.

No hidden costs

From $8.40 per portfolio/month with a free, 30 day trial. No credit card required.

Try Sharesight Pro free!

All the time saving features you want, without the clutter

Time saving features

Badgering clients to bring in dividend statements and contract notes? Struggling with share splits? Asking staff to update spreadsheets?

Because Sharesight automates everything – from tax and performance reporting to contract note imports and dividend reconciliation – you’re free to focus on your clients’ tax planning.

Painless portfolio administration

Because Sharesight automatically handles dividends, share splits and capital returns, with automated data entry of all trades, your clients’ portfolios are always up to date, making administration a breeze.

And Sharesight works just as well with US and UK shares as it does with ASX and NZX listings. You can even collaborate with clients and integrate their portfolios with Xero so details of purchases, sales and dividends are easily reconciled.

Lovely reporting, simple sharing

Sharesight offers all the information you need for dividend, CGT/FIF reporting, balance sheet preparation and more – without the tax time hassle.

Plus you’ll get comprehensive portfolio reporting. Sharesight will calculate returns, dividends and tax for as far back as you want to go. You choose the criteria; Sharesight will tell you the answer, quickly and reliably.

Effortless setup, wonderful support

It’s easy to set up a portfolio. Sharesight simply imports trading histories from all the major brokers. For an even quicker start, begin with a trading balance.

Sharesight also offers extensive support, from webinars and online tutorial to email support and online forums where users gather to help each other out.

Seamless Xero integration

We’ve partnered with leading online accounting system Xero in order to provide a seamless solution between portfolio management and portfolio accounting.

Sharesight works in the same, easy way as Xero. So if you like Xero, you’ll love Sharesight.

Simple pricing, no commitment

Whether you intend using Sharesight for just 5 portfolios or 500, you won’t pay more than $12 per portfolio, per month. And the more portfolios you establish, the cheaper it becomes.

With Sharesight, there are no hidden fees, no extras that you have to pay for and no contracts. Just one simple price. And you can put us to the test with a free 30-day no-risk trial – no credit card required.

Get started now!

Try Sharesight Pro with a 30-day free trial. No credit card required!

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